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What We Offer

The sister company of import flooring & Carpet Distributor of Las Vegas has been doing business in Las Vegas for over 35 years so when we added flooring and carpet to our portfolio our existing customer base was just as enthusiastic as we are. With our clients already knowing that we are all about Las Vegas distributor services and that they would now have a business in Las Vegas that offers Flooring and Carpet where they come first it;s a no brain teaser. Come see what the hype is all about.

About Our products

New Special to be posted January 29th

Flooring & Carpet
Every flooring and carpet product means a lot to you and your consumer so we understand that everything has to be done right and it starts with the right products.


Classic Modern Look
The classic look you've been looking for is here and it's more affordable than ever


Quality Las Vegas Flooring and Carpet
Products You now don't have to sacrifice quality with style as most of us in Las Vegas know that flooring can make or break the look of the house.