When to use aLas Vegas Locksmith

Locksmith Las Vegas award company

As a personal recommendation we tell all our clients that when the contractors are finally done make sure to call a Locksmith Las Vegas service and get your home or office re-keyed. To many times people get work done on their home with many contractors coming in and out all having the access to your home, so it's no wonder you should have a local Las Vegas locksmith come in rekey or replace your locks and deadbolts and never have to think about it again. 

We as a Las Vegas flooring and carpet company have lined ourselves up with the best locksmith company in Las Vegas who has been awarded for their locksmith service and have received discounts for our customers if you wish to use their services. 

Why did we decide to use Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas as our personal locksmith? 

- All their Locksmith Las Vegas guys have been background checked and have received Locksmith ID's from the police department. 

- We like the fact that all locksmiths come in market vehicles with the company name in view, unlike many locksmiths in Las Vegas using unmarked cars. 

- They have a company policy of no locksmith leaves the job site until the customer is happy. 

- Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas was given the TOP 100 BUSINESS DIAMOND AWARD. 

- All their locksmiths have to be drug free. 

Half Price Locksmith of Las Vegas website   www.lasvegaslocksmith4u.com 

Phone number 702-655-1505

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Example of a Locksmith Las Vegas ID

What are the requirements in order to offer Locksmith Las Vegas service?

1. All Las Vegas locksmith vehicles must be marked with the company name.

2. All locksmiths must have a clean background in order to work as a  locksmith. 

3. You must have a locksmith ID from the police department ( Sheriff Card ). 

NOTE; A locksmith in Las Vegas and a locksmith in North Las Vegas must have a locksmith ID from the police dept, but Henderson locksmiths do not.

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Are there laws into place to keep Las Vegas locksmith customers safe? 

The answer is yes, Las Vegas has laws in place to make locksmith customers safer. 

All Las Vegas locksmith are to have locksmith badges for the police department showing the locksmith himself is licensed with no criminal background that has alerted the department from allowing that locksmith from being a licensed Las Vegas locksmith. There's another law that all Las Vegas locksmith mobile service providers should have a locksmith vehicle that has the companies name within view making the company car identifiable from a distance.