What is a big part of the backbone of the Las Vegas Flooring industry? 

You'll almost never hear this but General Contractors are a the backbone of the Las Vegas flooring and carpet industry in Las Vegas or just about anywhere. It's easy to see why as general contractors get all the jobs when it comes to renovation & remodeling as most people to not do their own remodeling in Las Vegas. However most General contractors Las Vegas business owners do not have flooring guys on staff so they sub the jobs out offering Las Vegas flooring companies the opportunity to conduct business from a different source. Of course Las Vegas General contractors offer a lot more than most sub contractors so there not afraid of the competition stilling customers so it ends up working great between the general contractors and the sub contractors. 

What do some General Contractors in Las Vegas offer as a Business?

* A Las Vegas General Contractor over look of the project 

* General Contractors pull the permits and will bring an architect to put the plans together 

* Bathroom remodeling 

* Kitchen Remodeling 

* Renovations and Remodel available by some Las Vegas General Contractors 

* foundation 

* Electrical 

* Room additions 

* Stucco and painting 

* New construction (Only if the Las Vegas general contractor has a limit that allows for the size of the project ).

​* coordinate all the subcontractors and watch quality control 

As you can see a Las Vegas General Contractor can offer a lot of services as well as Las Vegas flooring service, 

so it's no wonder why Las Vegas general contractors are the backbone of the Las Vegas flooring and carpet industry as well .Here are some links below to help you with finding some good Las Vegas General Contractors

General Contractor Las Vegas Business Directory - Nevada Contractors Board  -  BBB 

This is just a personal recommendation of a General Contractor Las Vegas service 

Las Vegas General Contractor website for remodel, renovations and remodeling construction.

Las Vegas General Contractors kitchen and bathroom remodeling website 


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