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As an owner of a Distributing Company sometimes you can get overwhelming trying to make everyone else happy. And with a fast faced life our Behavior can act like an addiction (at least I believe so) and just like any addiction, people are out of control in their behaviors, feelings and thinking, yet they believe they are normal.

After realizing that it was at the expense of my happiness I decided to seek professional help from a psychiatrist in Las Vegas. After doing some research it was at Balanced Minds Centers that I made an appointment for their psychiatrist Las Vegas services. Dr. Karen had great reviews as well as a long history of providing psychiatrist services in Las Vegas. After my first appointment I was so comfortable that I already set up my next two consultations with what I felt was a true professional Las Vegas psychiatrist. I will always put forward and recommend Balanced Mind Centers for all their professional available services as I personally feel i was treated with the out-most respect and was attended to with all the care I could ask for. 

Available Balanced Mind Centers Services 

Medication Management 

Psychiatrist Las Vegas service provider 

Anger Management 

Medication Management 

Clinical professional counselors 

Therapist Counseling 

and more 

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                                                    Psychiatrists and my Psychiatrist Las Vegas experience  

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