When your looking for that amazing finishing touch that changes everything. 

As a flooring distributor we can deliver the best products that are on the market day in and day out. But what makes the room complete is really the furniture. This means that to make a room or an office give that complete feeling you need to get all the accessories done just right.

When we got involved the first time with a company that had to do a complete design we saw just what the right furniture can do for a home. DSR productions had brought Mr. Barak from Half Price Furniture of Las Vegas who is one of the most known home furniture design coordinator and let him do what he does best. Mr. Barak who is also the Las Vegas furniture store KING of putting packages together at a low price to allow even your everyday consumer the capability of making your home amazing had put together the production in less than three hours only to deliver what the customer had only dreamed of having. 

As you can see not all furniture stores are created equal. This means that if you are looking for Las Vegas furniture stores that offer furniture in Las Vegas but would like to keep the price on point you need to look wisely. You don't have to pay inflated prices you just need to go to the right furniture store that offer the right packages like Half Price Furniture Of Las Vegas or Lifestyle Furniture Stores of Las Vegas

For more information about furniture stores that offer complete furniture home packages call one of the Half Price Furniture Stores in Las Vegas at 702-221-9880 

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